Concerning Play Manner

Spamming, malicious, and fradulent activity are activities that violate the Terms of Service.
Please be aware of those activities when playing CBUNI as intended.
Please see here for the Terms of Service for CosmicBreak Universal and other CyberStep titles.


  • Refrain from slander, spamming, and other offensive styles of communication, including but not limited to:
  • ・Remarks offensive to public morality, order, and persons
  • ・Remarks that discriminate against individuals, races, ethnic groups, religions, etc.
  • ・Remarks critisizing the creations/customizations of other players'
  • The above will be considered as slander and will warrant punishment at the GM's or management's discretion without warning.


  • As combat content in CBUNI requires a collaboration with other players,
    it is unacceptable to intentionally or willfully ruin the experience for other players.
    Refrain from such activities as are not sanctioned by the Terms of Service which ruin the combat content for other players.
    (Such acts include but are not limited to: using multiple accounts to falsify score, points, and rewards, botting, using third party tools, and etc.)

    Please note that the act of intentionally interfering with the battle of a teammate can also be included in these prohibited actions.
    We may take action against any players we judge to be participating in the actions as delineated above.

(3)Deliberate Misuse of Bugs

  • If you find a defect that affects the progress of the game or its play as intended, please report it from the inquiry window.
    Refrain from exploiting the defect or teaching it to other players.
    These acts are also subject to disciplinary action by the management if they are deemed to be malicious.

(4)Cheat and other 3rd party tools

  • Modifying the game client or using third party tools to compromise intended play is strictly prohibited.
    Cheting warrants strict punishments up to and including permanent account restriction without prior warning at management discretion.

    Programs that automatically execute game operations are also prohibited by the Terms of Service.

(5)Account management

  • Do not share your account ID or password with anyone.
    We are not liable for any trouble caused by the disclosure of account information to a third party.

(6)In the Instance Fradulent Activity is Discovered:

  • If a violation is found, please report the instance and/or the offending person(s) with the form below.
  • ・Include screenshots as proof wherever possible
  • ・Send us the following information inyour inquiry as well as any proof of fradulent activity, including screenshots and videos:
  • -Time, date, and location of activity
  • -The username performing the fradulent activity
  • -The details of the activity
  • The report form can be found here.
  • *The process of and result of any of our investigations will be considered as personal information and will not be reported, even to the person making the report.
  • Thank you for your understanding in this matter.
  • These guidelines are subject to update and redistribution as required.
  • The published updates shall be considered as always applicable.
  • For additional inquiries regarding this guideline, contact: